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When the sex game starts, you are asked a few questions such as how many articles of clothing you are wearing, how many drinks you are willing to take, etc. These questions are used to customize your game experience to you and your partner.

Next, each person will type in a fantasy they would love to come true at the end of the game. Of course, there is no peeking here ... this is a surprise to build anticipation throughout the game. As you go through the game, the points you earn for answering truth questions and performing sexual dares will eventually determine a winner. The winner gets to have his or her fantasy come true!


Once the sex game starts, you will choose TRUTH, DARE, RANDOM, or BUY A DRINK. RANDOM will choose randomly between truth or dare, rather than giving you the control.

Truth questions will earn you less points on average than Dares. Ultimately, your goal is to advance through 4 levels and win the ultimate prize.


The scoreboard will remain at the top of the screen at all times. The heart-and-arrow icon shows whose turn it is to play. Each player's rank and score is noted. Also, you can see how many truth questions have been answered, and how many dares each player has acomplished.

The red and pink progress bars indicate how close each player is to leveling up. There are 4 levels to the game.


The first level (when both players have the rank Virgin) warms you up to the game without requiring any intense physical activity or personal questions. This allows players to become comfortable with the game, and perhaps get a little drunk!

Levels 2 and 3 begin to get much more erotic and kinky. You will be asked many personal questions and be offered dares that include varying amounts of licking, sucking and fondling.

Many of the dares have a time limit, such as 60 seconds. A timer will appear to the left of the Dare box ... when you click to start it, there will be a 5 second "countdown" so you can get ready for your dare. Then, the timer will begin. You will be notified with a sound when the time expires.

Level 4 is the hardcore level that involves extremely personal and intimate questions. The dares on level 4 are extremely erotic and sexual. Depending on the settings you used at the beginning of the game, level 4 dares will explore the very extremes of your sexual fantasies.


The winner of the game is determined by the overall score once the first person completes the level 4 progress bar. At this point, this person's fantasy will be displayed, and both players become "winners" as you fulfill the ultimate sexual fantasy ... YOURS!


Get ready for lots of cock sucking, pussy licking, and nipple sucking. The later levels of the game provide opportunities to fuck in just about every imaginable position. You will be asked to do kinky things to your partner that you might never have the guts to try in normal bedroom sex. Each activity lasts 30 to 90 seconds, and a built in timer will help ensure you don't get too excited too quickly. You want this sex game to last all night long!

There has never been an online sex game with more erotic possibilities than this game.

You will learn things about your partner they would never actually be brave enough to tell you. Once you learn how to please them sexually, it will open up even more erotic possibilities.